Audi Q7/Porsche Cayenne/VW Touareg Brake System – The Touareg, and its closely related cousins, the Q7 and Cayenne are massive cars weighing in at well over 2 tons, and need an equally massive brake system.

We’re always impressed with these engineering marvels, here is a photo essay of the complete brake system and layout for a Touareg we are servicing in the workshop.

The front brake rotors are directional, with the cooling fins arranged for each side of the car, the brake calipers have six pistons for additional stopping power, and you’ll note a brake pad wear sensor on every brake pad, and the new hardware kit on each caliper – key to preventing brake noise and rattle. Brake life on this series is about 35-40K miles, and the front and rear brakes wear at about the same rate.

We used the new ATE coated brake rotors to cut down on the rust and corrosion which you would normally find on in very short order on brake rotors exposed to road salt.