This car has was diagnosed with a defective turbocharger unit. Note the large amount of oil build up on the pressure side of the turbo, especially in comparison to the new turbo on the left. This oil is then drawn into the engine, resulting is severe smoking from the exhaust, high oil consumption, and even damage to the catalytic converter.
Note the Volvo replacement turbo box, we always use factory parts for reasons of longevity and proper fitment.

On late model car turbo failures are uncommon if the vehicle is cared for properly. Indeed, with proper care service life of 175 to 200K miles is expected. Turbo failures occur from two basic causes, lubrication failures, consisting of infrequent oil service, or incorrect grade of oil, and foreign material entering into the turbo and causing blade fracture. We strongly advise to never go more than 3-5,000 miles on conventional oil, and never more than 5-7,500 miles on a full synthetic. We recommended and use Castrol lubrication products in our workshop, either Castrol GTX, or Castrol Syntec.