Maine’s roads take their toll on our cars, and nowhere more so than in your vehicle’s suspension, particularly the springs. These large coil springs serve to absorb impacts and bumps in the road, and provide you with a steady, smooth ride.¬†However, even the most robust part can wear out or fail, and when it does, the results can be quite dramatic. Remember that this is not just a Volvo problem, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Saab and VW can, and do, suffer the same malady.

Located where they are, just inside the tires, springs are a safety item. See that sharp edge of on the broken coil spring, it can very easily puncture a tire. So if you notice your car sitting uneven, sagging to one side, making noise over bumps, suspect your springs.A through service includes evaluation of the shocks or struts, they serve to absorb and dampen the the bumps and impacts from the road. Aside from a rough ride, a worn shock or strut will allow your springs to cycle at a higher rate, leading to premature failure.

So if you notice your car sitting unevenly, hear some new rattles, or something just doesn’t feel right, give us a call. Your safety and peace of mind are always our #1 priority.