Run Flat tires are the worst. No, really. That’s what people say. It’s true. J.D. Power says so. Yeah. That guy who does the surveys. And hands out the trophies. No not the big silver ones, the glassy corporate-looking ones. You know the ones. You see them in those car commercials. Complete story here –

So let’s talk about the Atlantic Motorcar Center approach to “Run Flat” tires for your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper or Volvo. Our answer, don’t do it, don’t go there.

While run flat tires are now factory fitment on many late model German autos, we’ve found, as many of our customers, that they wear quickly, offer a harsh ride, and are much more costly than their standard brethren. So when replacement is needed, we suggest the customer consider the use of a high quality non-run flat tire like Michelin. Yes, this is a compromise, so you need to consider the downsides carefully. We also advise the customer to carry one of the Continental “Comfort Kits” in case you do have a flat with standard tires. The kit allows you to easily reinflate the tire roadside and get home, or to a service facility. You can find less expensive alternatives on Amazon, but we find the Conti kit a bargain…esp on a rainy night.

Highest-Ranked Tire Manufacturers
The flip side of the report referred above is equally interesting, while it roasted “Run Flat” tires, it confirmed something that we’ve been sharing with service customers for years – Michelin tires are superior, in fact #1 in customer satisfaction, as you can see the report results below. Numbers listed are out of 1,000 users. Atlantic Motorcar is a Michelin Tire dealer, because over the years we’ve found Michelin Tires give the smoothest ride, and offer the longest service life, of any tire on the market. Michelin ranks highest in three of the four segments: luxury (775); passenger car (729); and performance sport (751). You can read the complete report at the link below –