The Porsche Boxsters are great cars, but have a higher than average failure rate of the water pump, unfortunately this is very critical part on these engines, and aside from the loss of the alternator drive belt, overheating can rapidly damage the engine.

The pump is driven by the Poly-Ribbed Belt, which also drives the Alternator, the A/C and the Power Steering. In most cases, when the water pump fails, it’s the impeller which breaks due to pump’s bearing which eventually breaks.

When this happens generally the Poly-Ribbed Belt shreds or comes off the pulleys and or the engine looses its coolant. Should this occur, immediately stop the engine and have the vehicle towed. If the engine continues to run with no coolant, it may seize causing irreparable damage. Also, without the belt in place, the battery will be drained quickly, as the alternator won’t recharge.

When servicing the water pump, always replace the coolant thermostat at the same time, chances are its as old as the water pump, and those small impeller parts can end up caught inside.

At the Atlantic Motorcar Center, we use an updated pump on the car, offering you a full 2 Year Nationwide Warranty, twice what Porsche offers. This repair can be done in less than a day, and you are welcome to borrow one of our complimentary loaner cars.

Questions, just call us at (207) 882-9969, we’d be happy to arrange the service, and know that we’ll become your Porsche Service provider of choice.