Just had a customer contact me this morning about the purchase of a used BMW from a private seller. The price sounded too good to be true…until I heard the rest of the story. Seems it needs a “few things” – “It idles up-and-down and will even stall. It could be a mass airflow sensor, oxygen sensor, or something similar.”

Yikes, right? Might be a bargain, or might be real headache, but you don’t know until you have the car looked at professionally. As our Service Manager Rick likes to say “The most expensive car you can buy is a cheap one.”

Let’s face it, most folks don’t sell off a perfectly good car without reason, and you don’t want those “reasons” coming out of your pocket. Here’s the thing, with a private sale, as opposed to a registered dealer, you have no real recourse, warranty or assurance of anything…and if you buy out of state, say via eBay or online, it’s even worse. CarFax is a good tool to start, www.CarFax.com, but we have something even better.

At AMC we have a very simple, low cost (especially compared to the cost of a car) service to check vehicles BEFORE you buy. Call and ask one of our Service Advisors about a “Pre-Purchase Inspection”, it’s literally saved our customers tens of thousands of dollars over the years.

In the meantime, you can use the checklist at the link below to get started on the process, you can filter a good amount of the headaches out before you even start.


Hope that helps!

– Bruce and the AMC Team