Evaporative Emission (EVAP) Faults – Check Engine Leaks

Evap System The evolution of evaporative emissions systems has been driven by changes in emissions standards. While some vehicle manufacturers have introduced very different designs along the way, most use primarily used a vacuum-based design as a foundation. The exceptions are its hybrid electric vehicles, which use an evaporative leak check monitor (ELCM) similar to the Toyota key-off vacuum pump system, and 2011-03 Ford Fiestas, which use a natural vacuum leak detection (NVLD) system similar to the one used by Kia and BMW. What is It The oil and fuel in your vehicle give off vapors that are very [...]

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AMC Tech Q & A – Oil Change Intervals

Question A question we sometimes get is - "Curious about oil changes. Synthetic has been around 15000 miles. Looks like you recommend 5,000?" Answer To which we are glad to reply, "Great question!" Yes, we do recommend a shorter interval for older cars. We have an expression, "Oil is cheaper than metal," I'll explain. We all know that oil is used to lubricate the engine components to maximize wear and tear, it also serves transfers heat and helps filter out contaminants from engine operation. Here's Why First, let's address why we change the oil. It's for two reasons, one is [...]

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The Truth About Brake Fluid Changes

The Truth About Brake Fluid Changes Most people know that routine car care involves checking the brakes. Squeaky brakes get attention, and so does a car that seems to be taking longer to stop than is normally necessary. But brake fluid? Many car owners forget it even exists. Yet proper maintenance of your vehicle includes caring for this essential fluid. If you have questions about brake fluid, you’re not alone. Customers often wonder whether it’s necessary to change the fluid and if so, how often it needs to be done. Here are some tips and facts to answer your most [...]

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