AMC Tech Q & A – Oil Change Intervals

Question A question we sometimes get is - "Curious about oil changes. Synthetic has been around 15000 miles. Looks like you recommend 5,000?" Answer To which we are glad to reply, "Great question!" Yes, we do recommend a shorter interval for older cars. We have an expression, "Oil is cheaper than metal," I'll explain. We all know that oil is used to lubricate the engine components to maximize wear and tear, it also serves transfers heat and helps filter out contaminants from engine operation. Here's Why First, let's address why we change the oil. It's for two reasons, one is [...]

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Audi 2.0 TFSI Engine Oil Consumption – Correction

What is the problem? The early version of the TFSI gasoline engines found in the A5, A4 and Q5 have an inherent design fault which leads to high consumption of oil. The base problem seems to relate to the piston rings, which allow small amounts of oil to leak round the pistons into the cylinders, where it burns and therefore leads to high oil consumption. The typical way drivers become aware of this is when the 'add one litre of oil' notice comes up on the dashboard. When this comes up you don't need to immediately stop, but you should add [...]

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