Electrical Issues – Telling Simple From Not

This vehicle was sent to us by another repair shop with the concern that it did not start, or would only start intermittently. The battery, starter, and finally the key switch were replaced in an attempt to get it to start. In fact, the starter was replaced twice. Then it was towed to our workshop. Mystery? Had the battle is recreating the problem, which it did here. Mystery? Not really for the Atlantic Motorcar Service Team, we see these cars day in and day out, we specialize in knowing, not just guessing. And when you do the same thing again [...]

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Mini Cooper Clutch – When Good Clutches Go Bad

Mini Coopers are wonderful cars, but Mini has a problem with clutches, no two ways about it. The early cars are subject to numerous Technical Service Bulletins on clutch problems and noises. What we've also seen is problems with excessive clutch pedal effort. The problem comes on rather slowly, is often not noticed by the driver, who becomes acclimated to it as he/she is using the clutch every day. Comparing your clutch pedal effort to another Mini is a good test, or stop by and ask us for a courtesy check. The key thing here to catch this BEFORE it [...]

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2004 Audi A4 Quattro 3.0 – Clutch Failure

This nice Audi came in with the concern of a slipping clutch. In fact the clutch seems to have failed in a very catastrophic way, with severe damage to the flywheel and pressure plate. The damage is so extensive that it is hard to determine exactly what did cause the failure, but my suspicion is the clutch release bearing hung up on the guide tube, keeping the clutch partially depressed and allowing slippage. After extended slippage, the heat build was great enough to cause the clutch friction material to fail and break apart. I've seen this type of failure on [...]

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VW Jetta Diesel TDI – Dual Mass Flywheel Failure

Great idea, poor implementation. Sometime back in the early 1990s Porsche tried this in the 911 series, it did not work out well then, and it seems not to have worked well now. The dual mass flywheel is composed of two parts, damaged with silicone to soften engine noise and impact shock during clutch engagement. Often, with older and high mileage cars, the silicone and damping material fail on the dual mass flywheel, resulting in engine noise, vibration, and excessive lash in the driveline when engaging the clutch. This vehicle experienced the failure at about 50K miles, really quite low [...]

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