AMC Tech Q & A – Oil Change Intervals

Question A question we sometimes get is - "Curious about oil changes. Synthetic has been around 15000 miles. Looks like you recommend 5,000?" Answer To which we are glad to reply, "Great question!" Yes, we do recommend a shorter interval for older cars. We have an expression, "Oil is cheaper than metal," I'll explain. We all know that oil is used to lubricate the engine components to maximize wear and tear, it also serves transfers heat and helps filter out contaminants from engine operation. Here's Why First, let's address why we change the oil. It's for two reasons, one is [...]

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BMW – Computer Diagnostics and Programing

Get On The Can Bus I’m old enough to remember the days when cars only had one computer, the engine control unit, aka the “ECU”. Now a days most cars have not not one, but dozens of computers or modules all talking to each other over what is called a Controller Area Network or “CAN Bus”, somewhat like the “USB” (Universal Serial Bus) of your home computer. Cool idea as it simplifies running hundreds of individual wires, but it really ups the technology service game. Here we are programming a replacement part, known as RDC module, that is part of [...]

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Audi, BMW and Mini Cooper Carbon Build Up Correction (Decarbonization)

The Problem BMW and Mini Cooper (along with other vehicles) with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines are both cars that can experience carbon build up over time causing drivability and performance issues. GDI is a met hod that automakers have used to inject gasoline at a high pressure directly into an engine’s combustion chamber rather than into the intake tract or cylinder port.  Fuel is better measured than older fuel injection or carbureted systems - making the vehicle more fuel efficient, as well as yielding more power with an engine of identical displacement. The Audi, BMW engines and the Mini Cooper N12 and N14 (along with later [...]

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The Truth About Brake Fluid Changes

The Truth About Brake Fluid Changes Most people know that routine car care involves checking the brakes. Squeaky brakes get attention, and so does a car that seems to be taking longer to stop than is normally necessary. But brake fluid? Many car owners forget it even exists. Yet proper maintenance of your vehicle includes caring for this essential fluid. If you have questions about brake fluid, you’re not alone. Customers often wonder whether it’s necessary to change the fluid and if so, how often it needs to be done. Here are some tips and facts to answer your most [...]

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Audi and VW Timing Chain Problems – Good News – We Can Correct For Once And All!

We Can Help! Atlantic Motorcar has extensive experience with correcting problems on the Audi and VW engines which have experienced timing chain issues. If you have been given the bad news of a timing chain problem on your Audi or VW, give us a call, and visit us for a Free Second Opinion. We offer 6 Months To Pay and Complimentary Loaner Cars during the service process.  We know that we can save you money, and beat the dealer cost, as we know that you'll be delighted with our service, and a customer for life! Issues with timing chains are common [...]

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Volvo XC70 Headlight Electrical Problem – Fix For Once And All

Problem Vehicle presented with an intermittent headlight, warnings being received on the dash warning light system, and the headlight itself was inoperative when first examined. Generally speaking, finding the reason for the failure is just as important, if not more so, then repairing the problem itself. If you simply replace a part, without correcting the root cause, the problem is just going to reappear, often ruining the newly installed part. At Atlantic Motorcar, we test, not guess, and we have the knowledge, and experience, to make sure it's done right, the first time, which results in happy customers! Finding Examination by [...]

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Why Did This Happen to My Car? – Prevention vs. Repair

AMC Answer Series - Why Did This Happen to My Car? The Question It happens all too often. At least 2 to 3 times a week, vehicles are towed into Atlantic Motorcar for major repairs. Too frequently we find that these are vehicles that have been poorly maintained. Many times we are asked the same question, “Why did this happen to MY car?” After examining the vehicle and explaining it was due to lack of maintenance, most people are quite surprised. Often I am told, the vehicle has been serviced somewhere, on a regular basis. Are You Being Told The [...]

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Electrical Issues – Telling Simple From Not

This vehicle was sent to us by another repair shop with the concern that it did not start, or would only start intermittently. The battery, starter, and finally the key switch were replaced in an attempt to get it to start. In fact, the starter was replaced twice. Then it was towed to our workshop. Mystery? Had the battle is recreating the problem, which it did here. Mystery? Not really for the Atlantic Motorcar Service Team, we see these cars day in and day out, we specialize in knowing, not just guessing. And when you do the same thing again [...]

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5 Reasons Your Check Engine Light May Be On (And How To Prevent It)

Understandably, most car owners dread the moment when the check engine light pops up on the dashboard. This is even scarier when they are on the highway or driving over long distances. Simple fact is, the light can be attributed to a number of issues. Most often it’s typically not an emergency or big repair. At Atlantic Motorcar Center or other qualified specialists,  can be able to diagnose the problem rather easily. Since the mid 1990s, most modern day vehicles, Audi, BMW, Lexus, Mercedes-Benz, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Volvo and VW, along with others, have on-board diagnostic systems that aid in identifying the particular issue that caused [...]

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Rear Fog Lights – Truth and Fiction

Rear Fog Light Switch - Volvo Intent and Design For the new owner of a European auto, the rear fog light is often a source of great mystery, chances are they've never seen it before on their domestic car or truck. A common question we are asked is "Why does my European car have only one fog light". Or an equally common question, "I think I have a rear fog light out, only the driver's side seems to work." While not common in the U.S., rear fog lights are mandatory in Europe, and are especially common on German and [...]

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