The Saab Direct Ignition Cassette serves to replace the distributor cap, distributor rotor and spark plug wires found in conventional ignition systems. The system has had a history of problems with the Direct Ignition pack itself. Typically this is evidenced by misfires but can advance to a no-start or stalling. Such misfires generate tremendous engine heat, and can often damage or even melt the catalytic convertor.
You’ll note the melted coil packs on this Saab Direct Ignition (DI) cassette/pack. While DI failures are somewhat common with these cars, such melting is not, compare the coil ends of the cassette in the foreground with the one in the back, and you’ll note at least two coils are melted and damaged on the ends. Moral of the story, if your Saab is running poorly, or the Check Engine light is on, get it checked ASAP, the car you save may be your own.