Saab Airbag SRS Problem – While we love computers, and the workshop is fully equipped with the latest in factory diagnostics, it’s not all glory here, sometimes it takes a good bit of investigative detective work to get the bottom of problems. In this case a Saab 93 with a Airbag (SRS) warning light on. Car came out of the dealer, and to us to correct this fault. This was one of those problems that just couldn’t be solved with a computer, it required removal of the driver’s seat, center console and carpeting to find the broken wires going to the Airbag (SRS) computer.

The technician in this case, a 25+ year veteran of imported auto service, was just as happy as our customer, these thorny problems give a real sense of achomplishment. I’m exceptionally proud of this repair, not only because the dealer gave up on it, but because we returned a safe and fully serviced car to our customer.