Mini Cooper Owners – Bears repeating, if you have a 2007-2010 Mini Cooper or Cooper S, please shorten your oil change intervals from 12,000/15,000 miles to 5,000/7,500 miles at most…the engine you save may be yours. The timing chains on the Mini N12 and N14 engines are a real weak point, failures occurring at 60,000 miles and under (we’ve documented as low as 15K miles). With proper oil services, and the correct grade oil, you can prevent this problem from ever occurring to your beloved Mini.

This car had a timing chain issue, unfortunately made all the worse by the previous servicing shop changing the oil and leaving the drain plug loose. It was towed into us from south of Brunswick, and it was wise the customer had it towed, so badly worn was the chain. A chain failure will lead to major engine damage…something that you want to prevent from occurring in the first place.

You’ll hear us repeat time and again, it is better to “Service” your car, rather than “Repair”. Proper servicing prevents problems, where as repair corrects problems. As my mother, a registered nurse would tell me growing up – “Prevention is worth a pound of cure.” Looking back, I think she was pretty wise.

Questions, or problems with your Mini? Please call us, we service more Mini Coopers (and BMWs) than any other service facility in Maine, and we’re growing. Our staff are training and equipped to handle even the newest and most complex Mini (and BMW) problems with grace, concern and attention to detail. Your Mini will love us as much as we love them! Oh, and we’re sure that you’ll love us too! Respect, for you, and your car, that’s the way we do business.
Cheers and Happy Motoring from the AMC Team!