Mini Cooper “Mystery”
This vehicle was sent to us by another repair shop with the concern that it did not start, or would only start intermittently. The chassis wiring harness had been cut and modified in an attempt to bypass a defective module, and get the car running. When one examines the fuel pump wiring harness, and notes the bare wires, it was indeed fortunate that it never ran. After 8 months sitting at the other shop, it was towed to our workshop.

Mystery? Not really for the Atlantic Motorcar Service Team, we see these cars day in and day out, we specialize in knowing, not just guessing. And when you do the same thing again and again, you become very skilled at it, and know exactly what to look for.

In this case, a defective JBE, or “Junction Box Electronic”. See the photos? That’s the first thing we do, we check, rather than just replacing parts. In fact, the wiring damage on the fuel pump can create some other problems as the electricity looks for a way to complete it’s path, through the pump or ground. Earlier this year we had a vehicle in which the ECM (engine computer) was damaged because of what I suspect to be a ground strap issue.

I suspect the previous shop had modified the wiring harness in an failed attempt to bypass the JBE. The JBE requires programing with the factory BMW and Mini diagnostic tool, and lacking this, and perhaps in a mistaken attempt to save the customer the repair costs, the cut had been cut and modified. Once we replaced the JBE, the wiring harness was repaired, and then the JBS was coded and programed using the BMW and Mini ISTA computer. Problem solved, the car needed other work, which we completed, and it was back on the road, ready for a long service life…with proper care.

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