Investing In Your Team - BMW Training - Last Weekend

Investing In Your Team – BMW Training – Last Weekend

Want to most sincerely thank to the awesome AMC Team for attending BMW Service Training last weekend. I know that giving up a weekend isn’t what everyone looks forward to.

Ongoing training is something that we very strongly believe in here at AMC, it’s been a key corporate value since we first started in business over 30 years ago. It benefits you the customer as it assures that we always have the latest and greatest in knowledge, and service techniques, to service your car promptly and efficiently.

It’s also a way of investing in our team, a affirmation that we value, respect and want to help them grow personally and professionally. We consider that a responsibility of business, to our employees and the community.

A dedicated Training program like ours is sadly not that common in our profession. Nor it it cheap. By the time we’re done, those two days will have cost AMC well over $4,000. And we repeat that throughout the year. But we think that is a small price to always do the best for our customers, and our employees. Investing in people, on both sides of the service counter, we think that is priceless.

Next time you’re in, if you get a chance, say “Thanks” to the team, they are most dedicated group of folks I’ve ever been privileged to work with.