Good News
Good news for those who own a 2003 to 2012 Mercedes equipped with the troublesome SBC brake system.
The original 10 year recall warranty extension, has been extended again, this time to an unprecedented 25 years, with unlimited milage! 
If you reference the attached images, you’ll find that Mercedes has done the right thing, and not only extended the warranty, but also agreed to reimburse for previous repairs!
Kudos to the good folks at Mercedes HQ who have taken this course, it’s not only right for the customers, but also right for the company.
Read on for more details.

What SBC Is
So what exactly is the SBC Braking system? I’ll briefly try to sum it up in a nutshell. The SBC braking system uses a microcomputer to monitor the car and driver actions. In the event it’s needed, such as emergency braking, the system monitors brake pressure, and applies the appropriate stopping power necessary, even if the driver doesn’t exert enough power. SBC features a host of other features as well, including distributing brake force to different wheels during cornering, to ensure greater stability in the vehicle as well as maximum stopping power; the SBC system even dries the brake discs if a film of water forms on them. In other words, the system sounds like a milestone achievement in braking technology, and it would be, assuming it worked properly. Unfortunately, although the intent was good, the execution was not.

Already Paid
If you’ve already paid to have this work done, or have it done currently with us, we simply suggest that you contact Mercedes with a copy of the service order to the phone number or email on the letter for reimbursement.

Read More
If you want read more on the SBC issue, or any other common issues with vehicles we service, be sure to check the “Mercedes SBC” on our “Case Studies” page –

Your Advocate, On Your Side
At AMC, because we are independent and locally owned, we are YOUR advocate, and our team makes a point of checking recalls and service campaigns from the manufacturer on every visit, and keeping our customers up to date.

* Important – We literally receive hundreds of phone calls per year on this issue.
Please note that unless you are a service customer of AMC, we can not answer questions about out of state vehicles, and would refer you to the the local Mercedes dealer in your state for assistance. If you are a current customer of AMC, then we will do everything in our power to assist you with your issue, or properly handle any and all service work.

If you have any questions, or need a copy of your service history, please do not hesitate to contact us directly. (207) 882-9969.

Thank you,
Bruce and the AMC Team