Old School – Can you guess what this device is?

We did some old school work today on a BMW 2002 carburetor. No, not the 2002 model year, but actual 2002 model, from the 1970s, the decade of bell bottom jeans, disco balls, tie die, and big chrome bumpers. Maybe 8 track tapes too, or was that cassette tapes?

No computers here, nor electronics needed as we cleaned, kitted and serviced. Actually had to break out my old jet cleaning and measuring kit from nearly 20 years ago, never thought it would see the light of day again.

You’ll notice the corrosion inside the float bowl from years of sitting, we were able to clean that out, and give one of our newest, and youngest, team members at look at how it used to be done…old school style.

You know, old technology is really pretty fascinating when you ponder it, everything had to be done with vacuum and the the venturi effect, metering with small brass jets and needle valves.

Old technology, has become new again.

– Bruce  and the BMW Service Team