Today’s BMW cars are a marvel of engineering, but require service and repair by a facility specially trained in the newest technologies. BMW Car Navigation is likewise a marvel, but it does have some weak points, one of which is known as the “HIP Module”. The HIP (Host Independent Positioning) module is fitted on the right in the BMW Car Communication Computer (CCC). It is connected to the motherboard and its processors by a ribbon cable. Problems with the BMW Navigation system can often be traced to a defective HIP module, and do not always necessitate replacement of the BMW Car Computer. At Atlantic Motorcar we have developed the ability to replace just the BMW HIP module, rather than the complete CCC should this prove to be the problem.

The BMW HIP module is used to calculate the vehicle’s position (Host Independent Positioning), navigation data are computed on the following basis: The HIP module receives Almanac data from the GPS aerial for – Date – Time – Location of the GPS satellites – Orbits – Operational capacity of the GPS satellites Almanac data are selected in the HIP module and transmitted to the navigation system. With the yaw-rate sensor in the CCC, the values for change of direction (yaw rate) of the vehicle are determined. The following values are calculated from the data: – Longitude – Latitude – Altitude above mean sea level – Direction – Speed.