BMW and Mini Cooper Tech Talk – BMW’s New ISTA and ISTA/P Diagnostic, Programing and Coding System
Be it Falmouth, Freeport, Brunswick, any where in coastal Maine, we’ve got you covered!

Disclaimer – Snooze Time?
Warning, Bruce is about to launch into another of his technical postings, chock full of a lot of acronyms, and funny tech words, so unless you’re a car technology geek and really, really love your car, chances are this will put you right to sleep, so save it for bed time. If, however, you’d like to learn more about how we care for, maintain and service your BMW and Mini Cooper, then read on.

All good relationships start with a commitment, right? Our commitment to the BMW and Mini product, and investments in tooling, diagnostic suite and training have rapidly made us the choice for BMW service in coastal Maine. The Atlantic Motorcar Center is currently the only service point in Maine, other than the BMW and Mini dealer, to have full BMW ISTA Diagnostic, Coding and Programing ability. We can service even the newest BMW models, offering you BMW dealer level service (we follow all applicable service schedules) without the dealership cost. Be it a loved classic or the newest BMW model, we have equipped our workshop to service your car.

So What Is ISTA and ISTA/P?
We’ve recently added the new BMW ISTA and ISTA/P systems to our diagnostic suite, let’s talk about what ISTA and ISTA/P consist of. Understand that when we mention BMW here , it also applies to Mini Cooper.

ISTA (which stands for Integrated Service Technical Application) consists of three parts, ISIS (Integrated Service Information System/Server).

ISSS (Integrated Software Service Station) – Handles all the ISTA/P sessions for programing/coding BMW systems.

ISID (Integrated Service Information Display) – a PC which contains the ISTA/D (Diagnostics) software and used to control ISTA/P to initiate and run programming sessions. This is what our technicians carry around the workshop and perform diagnostic, coding and programing services on your BMW.

ICOM Unit (ICOM emulator) interfaces the BMW ISID to your BMW’s diagnstic connection or MOST interface to allow diagnistics to run, and to send coding and programing commands and software. The ISTA software is a vast leap in technology and complexity over GT-1/DIS/Progman with a ton of interconnecting pieces across several systems.

BMW E91 328XI Update Example – Fixing Things Through Software
Below we show the complete IATA Measures Plan update we recently carried out on a BMW E91 328Xi Touring Wagon. You can see that multiple modules and computers required updates to the newest BMW software release. BMW updates vehicle software from time to time to deal with problems developed during service, and these updates can often correct hardware or mechanical faults.

Next Steps
In any case, it is a good matter to update your BMW’s software once a year, to keep current with the latest updates. As a policy and for customer benefit, we update the software on all of our preowned sales cars during our reconditioning and certification process.

We’re Here To Help
We’d be delighted to answer any questions you might have on your BMW, Mini or other late model European auto, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Service Advisors. Likewise if you’re a shop owner with a customer car that needs to use the system, please contact us, we’re delighted to help you and your customer!
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