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Atlantic Motorcar has extensive experience with correcting problems on the Audi and VW engines which have experienced timing chain issues.
If you have been given the bad news of a timing chain problem on your Audi or VW, give us a call, and visit us for a Free Second Opinion. We offer 6 Months To Pay and Complimentary Loaner Cars during the service process.  We know that we can save you money, and beat the dealer cost, as we know that you’ll be delighted with our service, and a customer for life!

Issues with timing chains are common on the Audi 3.2 and 3.6 engines, as well as VW, all have had some issues relating to the engine timing chains when they get over 60,000 or so miles. This includes models from 2008-2015.  Our team has well over 100 years total experience on cars just like yours, and we offer a 2 Year Nationwide Warranty on Parts and Labor, double that of the new car dealer!

When the Audi Timing Chain Fails
It’s critical not to ignore Check Engine lights, or timing chain issues. It can cause the intake or exhaust valves to contact the piston while the engine is running.  If this happens you will need the cylinder head to be removed and the valves to be replaced.  At this time you wo

uld also need to verify there was no further damage done to the pistons, cylinder walls or cylinder head.

How do you know if this happened to your vehicle?  If this chain has worn out, or fails you could have any of the following issues.  Engine rattling noise at start up, No start condition (because the timing chain has jumped and you likely have significant engine damaged), as well as fault codes P0016 (Crank/ Cam position sensor correlation) or P0328 (Knock Sensor 1 Circuit High Input).

What vehicles are affected?
Its difficult to be certain but all of our experience has led us to believe that any of the Audi, and VW have issues with the timing chains and tensioners. The Check Engine light should never be ignored, it is a red flag, get the car in and checked. Since we cant be 100% certain we recommend checking to be certain.

How Common is this?
It still remains to be seen how common this is, but here are my thoughts.  This issue it common enough that you absolutely should have your system checked.  Why?  Because not updating your tensioner and continuing to drive is a pretty big gamble, engines are far more costly than a timing chain kit update.

What should I expect to pay?
This is not a simple repair, realistically, it’s over half a day of shop time labor for updating the tensioner.  However, doing this will ensure you get the newest revision in your vehicle, which should prevent future issues.

How We Can Help
At Atlantic Motorcar we’ve developed some very specific procedures and tooling, combined with our expect technicians, to make this otherwise onerous repair a snap. Well, maybe not a “snap”, hard to call a day + of labor a snap, let’s just say that we make it flow very, very smoothly. All told, proper maintenance and repair is far less costly than replacing your vehicle every 3 year or so.

Questions, or if we can be of help in any way with service on your Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini Cooper or other European (and now Japanese) import, please contact us. Our team of Service Specialists are here to help, for even the newest autos! (207) 882-9969.

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