The following was written to answer common questions asked regarding new cars under warranty. These are general questions and answers, we will be glad to answer specific questions on request.

1. Am I required to return my car to an authorized dealer for normal service work?
No – you may have normal maintenance service performed at Atlantic Motorcar.

2. Am I required to have the recommended maintenance work performed?
Yes – A condition of your warranty is maintain your car according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Failure to perform recommended maintenance operations might possibly jeopardize a warranty adjustment or repair by the manufacturer.

3. I have heard my warranty will be voided if anyone other than an authorized new car dealer services my car, is this true?
No – Atlantic Motorcar is qualified to perform the necessary required maintenance services to maintain your new car warranty.

4. Does Atlantic Motorcar use the recommended parts and lubricants to service my car?
Yes – we use only first quality parts and lubricants that meet manufacturers requirements and specifications.

5. Can Atlantic Motorcar stamp my maintenance book.
Yes, we can. We also retain all service records on computer for immediate access.

6. Can Atlantic Motorcar perform a manufacture’s warranty repair on my car at no charge to me?
Sometimes – If it is a Bosch component or system that has failed in the warranty period we will be able to perform the warranty at no cost to you. If it is a non-Bosch product then we will check and arrange for warranty service with the new car dealer. Speaking of warranties, does the new car dealer offer you a one year unlimited mileage warranty on all service and parts like Atlantic Motorcar?

7. Does Atlantic Motorcar really know my type of car?
Yes – the majority of our service staff are factory trained technicians who once worked at new car dealers. We also have access to an extensive database of service information, safety recalls, updates, etc. that pertain specifically to your car. Unlike the new car dealer were service is often a sideline to selling cars, service is Atlantic Motorcars’ only business. If you want to buy a new car see the dealer, if you want your car repaired correctly, the first time, see
Atlantic Motorcar.

8. What about pricing, are you competitive with new car dealers?
Yes – very much so. At a new car dealer the large and expensive cost of inventorying new cars figures very strongly into service pricing.

9. Do you offer the same range of services a new car dealer can?
Yes – perhaps more. With the possible exception of collision work, Atlantic Motorcar is a full service workshop.

10. Is Atlantic Motorcar convenient to do business with?
Yes – very much so. Atlantic Motorcar is obsessed with customer service satisfaction. We offer loaner cars, after hours pickup and drop-off and friendly personable service.

11. The new car dealer makes me wait a week for an appointment.
Not at Atlantic Motorcar, we pride ourselves on efficient service. You will wait no more than 2-3 days for a service appointment and many services can be performed same day while you wait.

12. I can never understand the bill the dealer gives me, and no one ever takes the time to explain it to me.
Not at Atlantic Motorcar. You will be given a clear computer generated invoice that lists every part and service that was performed on your car. The invoice will be personally explained to you by a knowledgeable and friendly employee who will answer any questions you may have.