Mini Cooper Mystery – Solved

Mini Cooper "Mystery" This vehicle was sent to us by another repair shop with the concern that it did not start, or would only start intermittently. The chassis wiring harness had been cut and modified in an attempt to bypass a defective module, and get the car running. When one examines the fuel pump wiring harness, and notes the bare wires, it was indeed fortunate that it never ran. After 8 months sitting at the other shop, it was towed to our workshop. Mystery? Mystery? Not really for the Atlantic Motorcar Service Team, we see these cars day in and [...]

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BMW – Computer Diagnostics and Programing

Get On The Can Bus I’m old enough to remember the days when cars only had one computer, the engine control unit, aka the “ECU”. Now a days most cars have not not one, but dozens of computers or modules all talking to each other over what is called a Controller Area Network or “CAN Bus”, somewhat like the “USB” (Universal Serial Bus) of your home computer. Cool idea as it simplifies running hundreds of individual wires, but it really ups the technology service game. Here we are programming a replacement part, known as RDC module, that is part of [...]

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Audi, BMW and Mini Cooper Carbon Build Up Correction (Decarbonization)

The Problem BMW and Mini Cooper (along with other vehicles) with Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) engines are both cars that can experience carbon build up over time causing drivability and performance issues. GDI is a met hod that automakers have used to inject gasoline at a high pressure directly into an engine’s combustion chamber rather than into the intake tract or cylinder port.  Fuel is better measured than older fuel injection or carbureted systems - making the vehicle more fuel efficient, as well as yielding more power with an engine of identical displacement. The Audi, BMW engines and the Mini Cooper N12 and N14 (along with later [...]

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