We’ve seen this before, this car presented with engine oil leaks from nearly every seal.
Using our special Volvo diagnostic tool, it was easy to confirm a severely clogged engine breather box. Not an easy job, but one that needed to be handled. This was not a regular service customer car, we find this type of clogging on cars which have been subjected to “quick lube” oil changes, or maintenance has not been carried out according to the factory schedule.

In the photos below, you’ll note the heavily clogged ventilation ports, both in the black breather box, and in the engine block. Such clogging is indicative of higher mileage, extended oil change intervals, or the use of a poor quality engine oil and filter. The build up of this material prevents the crankcase ventilation system from functioning correctly, and will lead to an increase in crankcase pressure, external oil leakage and/or contamination of the Electronic Throttle Module or ETM. In severe cases it can build up enough pressure to pop out engine seals, including the rear main seal. Any problem with multiple engine oil leaks, or with the ETM must first be dealt with by inspecting and serving the crankcase ventilation system.

Breather Box Port About 3/4 Clogged